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Food for Thought

Posted on 1 March, 2016 at 6:00

Food for thought



 Dogs are social animals so it is important to learn how your dog interacts with everyone he comes into contact with. Your dog’s world and behaviour within it is not complicated but how he perceives his environment and responds to it is very intricate and the emotional state of your dog is what drives their behaviour. One of the fundamental needs of your dog is safety how safe and secure do they feel in their world. There are a wide range of factors in dealing with dog behavioural issues for example, genetics, parentage, personality, diet, disease, trauma and the environment, and who the dog co-exists with. Before we treat we must always find the root of the problem if we do not we are treating with temporary band aid which will not be a permanent solution.


Dogs are a subspecies of the wolf, there are some differences as a result of domestication but there are so many similarities just as wolves’ dogs have carnivore requirements both choose to eat plant material for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. So dogs are supposed to eat meat and bones in the diet and fresh food is very important for their well-being. However, there are differences in opinions between vets as to their views on feeding raw bones and raw v fresh cooked food for dogs. The jury on this is still out.


Ideally, dogs should eat quality human grade meat as meat used in low grade kibble by factory farms is so poor, such as road kill and another more holistic example would be the negative emotion fed to a dog given food from a factory slaughtered cow that had years of neglect, we should be thinking of not just the well-being of our beloved dogs but also on the well-being of the animals they eat.


This is just an introduction to a series of articles which I am writing on food and well-being.

Categories: Animal Nutrician

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