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Baileys Flower Essences For Animals

Posted on 6 August, 2014 at 7:55

I have been fascinated by these essences since I read a book about Arthur Bailey love of dowsing and how he came to create the Baileys Essences. The present range of Bailey essences is primarily concerned with personal growth and liberation. This does not mean that the essences cannot help physical illnesses – far from it. This makes it very interesting when using them with animals as it helps them to break away from the hold of past beliefs and experiences. As the old patterns ease away they are able to live in the present with their new owners, letting go of a fearful experience, as their past is what usually defines them as to who they are now.

Animals carry no baggage, or certainly not as much as the average human. The essences help them to find their true value. They gently offer change by not forcing change until the animal is able to come to this conclusion on their own. They are not drugs so do not contain any active ingredient that could interfere with any medication that your animal maybe on.

Arthur Bailey was a scientist at heart and came to develop this range by first experiencing the power of the Bach Flowers during a very bad case of Asian Flu. His dowsing skills helped him to find the flowers that he needed but he also needed to meditate with them on a personal level. He describes how he discovered this in the paragraph below.

‘I had finally discovered the main properties of these “Bailey” essences through meditational insight. I realised that they were for attitudes of mind – how people see and relate to the world around them. They were therefore quite different from the Bach remedies. Indeed, it is our attitudes of mind that give rise to negative emotional states. As the series expanded I realised that there was far more to flower essences that I had dreamt possible. Gradually I came to realise through my own experience that we are all multi-dimensional beings. Therefore when we experience difficulties in our lives the root of our problems may not be in just the body-mind area. We need to take a much broader view’

I am looking forward to learning more about the Bailey essences and seeing with my own eyes how they can bring balance and harmony into an animals life. For me my interest is that he came from a scientific background, which is where I too come from. It allows me to not take things at face value but to look deeper into what I am learning.'2013'

'2014' As I explored the Bailey's Essences, I had a huge desire to write a book. After contacting Rebecca Hunter, Arthur's daughter, I have been tirelessly working with over 40 animal cases world wide to see how the animals react to these beautiful essences. The results so far have been truly amazing.

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