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Bach Flower Animal Consultation


It is important to treat each animal as an individual and to look at behaviours from the animals point of view. Animals who show aggression are nine times out of ten very fearful. They need support and love rather than anger and mistrust. As a Registered Bach Flower practitioner, Caroline's aim, as well as treating your animal is to empower you with the beautiful knowledge of the remedies and give you the confidence to eventually choose the remedies for your animal and yourself.

Bach Flower remedies are specially formulated to help animals and people, find the positive side of themselves, breaking barriers that stop them from living happy lives. What ever is in their way - fear, despondency, uncertainty - finds a solution in the Bach Flowers.

You can use Bach Flower Remedies to help animals that are recovering from illness and feeling out of sorts and unhappy. That way your pet will stay positive and feel well quicker.

The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a noted homeopath. There are 38 remedies, and they make up a complete system. Anyone can use them, and they are natural.

Bach Flowers For Animals

There isn't space here to go into all the remedies that might apply to pets - all 38 could have a role to play. As an Animal Bach Flower Practitioner, with the full support of your vet I am able to get to the root of the problem.

The beauty of the essences is their simplicity. No matter where I work with animals the essences always help. It can be as simple as using Rescue Remedy for a trapped animal. Spraying the remedy into the area, has a calming effect relieving the panic and anxiety in the animal and its situation. The Bach Flowers are invaluable for worry, anxiety, changes in life style or location, fear, spooking, impatience or lack of confidence.

Response times vary from 48 hours to 4 months depending on how deep seated the emotions are. The Bach Flowers are non-addictive. Patience and perseverance are the key words, as the remedies truly work if given a chance.

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