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Animal Reiki Consultation


Reiki is a hands on or distant healing technique which rebalances energy which flows through the body. Every living organism is surrounded by a life force or energy field. Reiki practitioners are able to access this force and use it for healing. Reiki clears blockages within the body and re-aligns the body's energy, restoring balance and harmony. Reiki is a non-invasive treatment.  Caroline lets the animal choose their own healing, preferring 'hands off' until the animal initiates 'hands on' Reiki. 

The duration of a Reiki treatment varies by situation. Most commonly hands-on treatments last around 45 minutes, this is dependent on the animal choosing hands on Reiki. Distant treatments are shorter. When receiving a Reiki treatment animals commonly enter a state of deep relaxation and peace. They may sigh, yawn, doze, fall asleep or enter a deep state of meditation. Most animals notice health improvements.

A Reiki treatment will affect the emotions more than the physical being. This is because Reiki finds the issues that are most in need of healing. Often physical problems have emotional roots. Reiki will often go first to the deepest issues and then work “outward” through associated issues over a series of treatment

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