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Chakra Dog Collar


A Chakra Collar will bring balance to your dogs energy system. Handmade and unique with crystals that have been treated with the highest respect. Once ordered please supply size of neck. All crystals are kept outside in all the elements to have the highest vibrations and purity. 

Quartz crystal - Overall balance of the chakra system. (Crown)

Amethyst - It is concerned with understanding knowledge, and mental organizing. (3rd Eye)

Sodalite - Communication, personal expression and the flow of information. (Throat)

Green Aventurine - Deals with fears and anxiety. (Heart)

Citrine - Helps give self confidence and personal power. (Solar Plexus)

Carnelian - Offers courange and Confidence (Sacral)

Black Tourmaline - Is  grounding and protective (Base)

Please supply neck size

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