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I've also just looked up the meanings of the amethyst crystal and aventurine...they really are perfect to target his little anxieties! It's weird because just in the last week I've noticed slight changes in his behaviour...he does seem slightly less agitated generally, and is far more considerate and obedient when I ask him to do something (I couldn't close the bathroom door without a full on drama and him getting really wound up, until just the last few days!!, but he seems much more chilled. Maybe it's already working?!

Lynne Mur

I am so so happy with Daisy dogs new crystal healing collar! It seems to be calming her already, she gets super anxious about a lot of stuff, so to see a peaceful look in her eyes and a decidedly more calm manner is like magic to me! Add to that Caroline's, lovely, friendly demeanour and you've got a winning combination! Xoxox

Lizz Mears

We received a beautiful crystal collar from Caroline today for my girl Fizz. Quite frankly Fizz is a maniac and rarely stays still, wants to constantly be with me wherever I go. On went her new collar and well, she has been so calm! I've even been able to go off round the house to do other things and she has been curled up sleeping peacefully. Thank you Caroline

Kate Wakefield

I would like to share with your readers Caroline, about my boxer Lucy who, with great thanks to you is well on the road to leading a normal life . Let me explain I met up with Lucy 6 months ago I found her abandoned, dirty, and underweight. She was very nervous around me, and wasn't eating very well. My first step was to get her to a vet to check her over. He was very nice but I felt something was missing with her care. After a bath, trim, food lots of love and hugs she began to thrive but it was slow and her eating was hit and miss . She was afraid around anyone that wasn't me, (hard when I had to go to work) she would pine and be so unhappy. So I turned to Caroline I was desperate for help and I knew she would support me through these early days.

After I explained to her all Lucy's history Caroline sent me a message of support and made me a remedy that was designed just for Lucy and her problems, not eating, nervous, unable to interact with others. Through the post came a remedy a beautiful handmade collar and matching bracelet.

I've used the remedy for 10 days the change is unbelievable .. My husband began taking Lucy to dog training classes she mixes with other dogs and owners, eats 3 meals a day and loves to run in the garden. I now realise why the vet couldn't give what Caroline could. It wasn't pills or injections, Lucy needed, it was Caroline's understanding of animal behaviour, her knowledge of flower remedies and a love so pure for the animals she tends. Everyone knows how committed Caroline is to the animals in her care, so I feel it is the time to tell you all that , because of your help Caroline Lucy has won a rosette for best behaved in the class .. We are so proud of her. Thank you for your time, your knowledge and your love Caroline . Love and thanks from Jackie and Lucy.

Jackie Powers

I first met Caroline when she recommended to me to do a consultation for my Greyhound Paddy. After a very long chat in which I felt she just seemed to get Paddy and what was going on with him she made him a remedy. Well the difference was almost immediate. Paddy was a happier dog and his food aggression almost disappeared within 24 hours. Rather than a generic blend you can buy in the shops he has a personalised blend that addresses his particular issues. She is amazingly knowledgeable and all her remedies are made with love. Thank you so much for getting us started on our journey. The rest wouldn't have been possible without your help.

Note from Paddy: I luffs my magic drops from Auntz Caroline. They makes me feel much better. I just havz to message her when I needz some more, Mum does the paypal thingy and Mr Postie deliverz them. Licks, woofs and sniffs. Xxx 

Charlotte Stockley

Caroline provided healing remedies for my rescue dog, when he was experiencing major problems around his heart area. We are so lucky that he pulled through and very grateful to Caroline of Hoof and Paws for going out her way to help him with her magical potions!!

Louise Russell

Caroline was recommended and after trying every method for our poor stressed GSD x lab Leon it was such a light speaking with her. Not only is her knowledge brilliant but just someone to listen was helpful. We can't wait to recivie our Bach flowers and oils. I even felt much more relaxed after our call! Thanks Caroline!

Jess Graham

Caroline is a gifted and inspiring holistic therapist. She is generous of spirit - sharing her wisdom and experience far and wide - and committed to supporting animals and their people with love and compassion. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

Aileen Naismith

Caroline is so lovely to converse with and so helpful with any questions about my dogs or clients dogs alike smile emoticon I have recommended Caroline's work to many of my clients and friends for their dogs and will continue doing so!

Joe Colling Nutkins

Caroline's beautiful flower remedies have changed my girl's life, and are helping rescue dogs to transition into their new homes, healing the scars of the past. She is a talented and powerful healer. We are so grateful! I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Francesca LaFae

I could not have helped my RR boy without Caroline's phenomenal knowledge and her compassion for healing. Bibi and I will forever be in your debt.

Petra Dance

Caroline is so helpful and her remedies are always spot on. Would recommend her to anyone.

Bek Slater

Learnt my animal healing with Caroline and found a firm friend in the equation She has an amazing wealth of knowledge in respect of energy work with animals.

Sue Hamblin

Caroline is very gifted and very passionate about her work with animals. 5 Stars from me every single time.

Jim Thomas

Caroline is an amazing animal holistic healer. She has treated my llewellin Setter with Reiki, Crystal healing, and essences. She is gifted, instinctive to what the animal needs and is feeling. it is wonderful to see to see Caroline with jicky relaxed and enjoying reiki. Recently we added a new puppy to our family. With Caroline's expertise they are happy and relaxed with each other, I can say without hesitation that wthout Caroline on constant standby for all my questions and worries and Caroline's extensive knowledge on animal behaviour It would not have worked out so beautifully.

Maggie Johnson

Caroline kindly came to me for a home visit . I couldn't help but notice the calming influence this young lady has. I have four Maltese, Ruby being the eldest, who's personality has completely changed. Such a reactive dog ! We are giving it our best shot in making her life more pleasant: dog training and tinctures from Caroline. So far, a month down the line, I have noticed a calmer Ruby, especially at the dogs' meal times, and less random attacks on the others. I have found Caroline very supportive. I'm most grateful. I will continue to update her with my progress and request more tinctures. It is all rather interesting and amazing . 🐾🐾

Lorraine Penny

I've recently had the pleasure of studying, in person, with Caroline and it was a truly wonderful experience. Caroline is a gifted, open and compassionate advocate for our precious animals and her passion, enthusiasm and her love for her life's calling is so strong and so enlightening. Caroline adapted her teaching and her style for my specific needs and she gave me exactly what I needed. I received the kind of 1-2-1 attention and focus that 'consultants charge upwards of £850 a day for. Caroline's knowledge and span of animal healing and animal well-being is so extensive and so interlinked that many of the modalities she uses dovetail, one into another, providing a truly comprehensive and a truly holistic means of listening to, and of acting upon, the needs and desires of our animal folk. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a knowledge of animal holistic therapies, remedies and training to liaise with Caroline, they won't be disappointed and like me they will be clamoring for more!

Jan Kuhnert

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