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Holistic Healing for Animals, Chelmsford, UK

About Us

Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies is based in Chelmsford in the United Kingdom. As experts in Animal Healing, we focus on providing holistic animal therapy services, products and education courses to help your animals be their happiest, healthiest selves.

About Our Owner Caroline Thomas

Caroline's early fascination with Meridian Therapies led her to learn Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, and then go on to specialize in EFT for animals, cementing her pathway of continued dedication to holistic healing and emotional healing for animals.

Caroline Thomas has trained with the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. It is an institution that keeps the positive well-being of animals by learning how they cope in their natural environment as compared to when they are living in the modern world. With the stress and strain that the human world puts on our animals, it makes sense that this can be a source of some of their behavioural problems. This is the only accredited Centre in the world that is recognised by the Bach Flower Centre.   

The Bach Centre taught Caroline the true teachings of Dr Bach. Here, Caroline learnt how Dr Bach truly intended the Bach system to be used and has taught Registered Bach Flower Practitioners how to use the essences with their own animals.

Caroline has also studied with the brilliant Nayana Morag, a person who truly understands animals on every level.

Caroline is also a member of the International Bach Flower Practitioner Register for Humans and Animals. (BFRP & BFRAP) and she is also the Secretary of the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association (BFVEA) as part of her commitment to high standards, ongoing professional development and pushing the boundaries of education in Flower Essences. The BFVEA is a source of inspiration and information, where you can learn absolutely everything about Flower Essences.

Caroline has worked closely with the Facebook Group Autism in Dogs and she makes bespoke Flower Essence Remedies to help numerous autistic dogs with behavioral difficulties.

“Caroline has created a wonderful company which truly shows her caring thoughtfulness for animals. I'm blown away by the vastness of products, information and help. I have a 2 and half years old Lhasa apso. She can be very nervous out in the world from small things such as the wind to big dogs coming running at her. Now I feel a sense of relaxation for her, and excited that her beautiful pawfect crystal collar will help her in becoming a more confident relaxed version of herself. I look forward to reading the very informative fun newsletter, and definitely purchasing more products. It's a weight off my shoulders to find a person that not only cares for animals but I can turn to for advice and holistic therapies instead of medication.”

- Becky Badly Bradley

Media and Speaking

Caroline is an engaging and popular speaker.

Caroline was delighted to be a guest speaker at the Animal Energy World Conference in May 2017, where she pre-launched her book The Power of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Essences for Animals as well as the Scintilla Flower Essences for animals range,  and again in 2020., where she launched a new range of essences for animal and people that is very close to her heart, Dingle Essences.  

Purchase Caroline's book via Amazon HERE.

Learn all about the Dingle Essences HERE.

Caroline is a regular speaker at the Healthful Dog Conference, having presented there in 2017,2018 & 2019, alongside speakers and course instructors such as:

  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst

  • Dr. Christina Chambreau

  • Mary Debono

  • Caroline Thomas

  • Dr. Peter Dobias

If you would like to learn more click on this link

Caroline was the Guest Lecturer at Writtle University College in 2017 & 2018, teaching students about Holistic Therapies for Animals.

Hobbies and Interests

Caroline is an avid writer and writes for the Healthful Dog Magazine. She is a regular guest contributor as an expert for the Flower Essences for the Animal Massage Guide and has featured as a Holistic Horse guest expert for Your Natural Horse.

Committed to Serve You

After teaching many Animal Holistic workshops and writing her own manuals, Caroline developed 2 fully insurable E-learning courses for people who cannot attend her workshops, delivered through the Hoof and Paw Academy. Caroline is an expert in Animal Healing, in Chelmsford UK.

Feel free to call or email us if you want to learn more about our services. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of our therapies.

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