Animal Healing, Chelmsford UK

At Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies is an expert in Animal Healing, Chelmsford, UK. We are focused on providing holistic animal services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Animals have emotions just like people. Sometimes they can feel anxious, irritable or fearful. To help them calm down and feel at ease with their environment, we use various products and techniques such as Animal Aromatherapy and Bach Flower remedies.

When working with the remedies and crystals or when using Reiki, we are always delighted with the results. These are natural and safe, and these do not interact with any medication. Most of all, these do not cause side effects to your pets.

About Our Owner

Our owner and founder, Caroline Thomas, is a qualified Animal Bach Flower Practitioner and a fully qualified Animal PsychAromatica practitioner (Animal Aromatherapy). And she has studied with the brilliant Nayana Morag, a person who truly understands animals on every level.

Trained by the Best 

Caroline has trained with the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. It is an institution that keeps the positive well-being of animals by learning how they cope in their natural environment as compared to when they are living in the modern world.

With the stress and strain that the human world puts on our animals, it makes sense that this can be a source of some of their behavioural problems. This is the only accredited Centre in the world that is recognised by the Bach Flower Centre.

The Bach Centre  taught Caroline the true teachings of Dr Bach. Caroline has learnt how Dr Bach truly intended the Bach system to be used and has taught Registered Bach Flower Practitioners how to use the essences with their own animals.

Serving with Passion and Excellence

Caroline's fascination with Meridian Therapies has led her to learn EFT, where she specializes in animals. She has been working closely with the Facebook Group Autism in Dogs and has contributed her knowledge of Flower Essences. Moreover, she makes  bespoke Flower Essence Remedies to help numerous autistic dogs with behavioral difficulties.

With more than 10 years of working with animals of all kinds around the world, Caroline is passionate about what she does. She works closely with the animals’ owners, ensuring that their vet is made aware of any holistic treatment. She has full insurance as well.

Hobbies and Interests 

Caroline is an avid writer and writes for the Healthful Dog Magazine. She is also happy to be a guest expert for Flower Essences for the Animal Massage Guide. More recently, she is very proud to be a Holistic Horse guest expert for Your Natural Horse.

She has taught many Animal Holistic workshops and has written her own manuals.  With this in mind, she  has written 2 fully insurable E-learning courses for people who cannot attend her workshops. Caroline is an expert in Animal Healing, Chelmsford UK.

Committed to Serve You 

Feel free to call or email us if you want to learn more about our services. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of our therapies.