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Healy For Animals

Healy Bioenergetic Therapy For Animals

All things have a frequency - including our bodies!

For animals and people alike, our tissues, cells, organs, emotions and thought patterns all have their own unique electro-magnetic fields that produce, emit and receive energy which operates at a specific frequency.

When the body of an animal or person drops below their ideal frequency, this is when we start to see illness and disease states.

What do we do if we're listening a radio station and it goes out of tune?  

We change the frequency!

And we can tune the  frequencies of the body in the exact same way.

Healy is a bio-energetic frequency healing device that uses a quantum sensor to deliver micro-current frequencies to the body's cells and energy field -  bringing the body, mind, emotions and energy back into balance.

Healy helps keeps your body in homeostasis. 

When the body is in homeostasis, in balance, it has the best chance of being as vital, healthy and energetic as possible.

I've been using a Healy myself for some time, and have seen magical results in humans and people alike. I am really excited to be adding this to my holistic healing for animals toolbox!

Healy For Animals

Healy for Animals is designed to promote calmness and provide your pet or animal friends with the support it needs to stay healthy and well.

Just like our, our pets and animal companions can be exposed to situations and environmental factors that throw them out of balance. Even normal ageing can impair their quality of life and vitality.

A Healy for Animals treatment will assist in bringing your animal's bioenergetic field back into balance in a simple, non-invasive and holistic way. 

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