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Crystal Healing for Animals, Chelmsford, Essex UK

What is Crystal Healing?

Cats, dogs and horses love crystal healing. Crystal therapy affects the whole energy field of animals. It is an energy-healing therapy that works with an animal's subtle energy field to help address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems. Crystal therapy does not involve any pressure. Animals choose how they want to be healed by choosing their own crystal healing treatment. Caroline works intuitively with whatever your animal decides. It may be one or a combination of all healing treatments listed below.

Crystal Grid

 Crystals are placed at certain points around your animal. The crystals are chosen for the grid, depending on the needs of your animal. The treatment is gentle and relaxing. It is your animal’s choice as to how long he/she chooses to stay within the energy of the healing grid.

Crystal Massage

Crystal wands can be used to balance your animal’s aura, to release tension and to bring back balance. A Crystal wand is used to draw out negative energies and to then bring in fresh positive energies. It is especially useful if your animal suffers from painful joints.

Healing Layouts

By using intuition and by placing pendulum stones around your animal, we help balance your pet’s auric field. With your animal’s need in mind, Caroline chooses crystals which she is intuitively drawn to.


If you would like to have a consultation with Caroline, feel free to call or email us or purchase and book below. Your consultation will be in-depth. Please remember that your vet remains responsible for the health and welfare of your animal. Before the consultation, hair sample and photograph need to be provided as well.

Crystal Healing Products

At Hoof and Paw we are keen to provide Holistic Collars for dogs that not only look beautiful but they also have the holistic properties of the crystal that they are made with. The crystals are firstly cleansed in a flowing spring and they are left to charge in the sun light and the moon light. They are then lovingly made into a bespoke collar for the dog. Crystal Healing for Animals, Chelmsford, UK makes Crystal Healing very easy to use if worn as a collar.

Otis on the right is modelling the collars beautifully and he used to be a very anxious dog. With the help of Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies he has grown into a very calm, grounded and extremely handsome young dog. 'Other dogs want to be Otis'

If you would like Caroline to make a bespoke collar for your dog, and a bracelet for you , please CONTACT US HERE

What our happy customers think

I am so happy with Daisy's new crystal healing collar! It seems to be calming her already, she gets super anxious about a lot of stuff, so to see a peaceful look in her eyes and a decidedly more calm manner is like magic to me! Add to that Caroline's, lovely, friendly demeanor and you've got a winning combination! Xoxox Lizzie Mears

We received a beautiful crystal collar from Caroline today for my girl Fizz. Quite frankly Fizz is a maniac and rarely stays still, wants to constantly be with me wherever I go. On went her new collar and well, she has been so calm! I've even been able to go off round the house to do other things and she has been curled up sleeping peacefully. Katie Wakefield

The first thing I noticed was that Tess started to sniff an envelope that had dropped on to the floor. She was totally fixated on what it contained. Tess is a very stressy dog who does not like other dogs. I opened the envelope and inside was a beautiful Rose Quartz crystal collar. I placed it over her neck as she stood perfectly still. It looked so pretty and was just perfect for her. The first thing that I noticed while walking her in the park was her openness to other dogs!! Thank you Caroline so much. Alice Thompson

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