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The Art of Dowsing & Meridian Pendulum Healing for Cats

This book is the first in a two part series of books designed to teach you how to use the pendulum for both dowsing and healing written by Melissa Tessaro and Caroline Thomas. The first book covers grounding, clearing the energy of a room and pendulum protocols for dowsing safely.

The use of energy vibration as a therapeutic modality that can be accessed using a pendulum is covered in detail along with information about the auric field and emotional healing along with detailed divination charts to use to provide emotional healing of the subtle energy fields for yourself or your cat. Colour as a therapeutic tool is also included along with colour divination healing charts.

The wisdom of Chinese Medicine and how to use the pendulum to clear and balance meridians is also covered with extensive meridian dowsing questions and pendulum energy healing protocols.

Dowsing is a means to establish a change in the vibration of a situation or event of an animal, person or object by turning into, accessing and changing the wave patterns that exist in the universe as energy fields of intelligent information. Also known as subtle energy fields.

Using the pendulum to dowse takes the guesswork out of psychic awareness and as you develop your dowsing you are likely to also develop your clairvoyant skills as you tune into higher frequencies and brain wave patterns.

The Art of Divination with Bach Flowers & Chakra Healing for Cats

This is the second book in the series and combines Caroline Thomas's expertise on how to use the Bach Flower range for cats with Melissa Tessaro's knowledge of the pendulum as a therapeutic healing tool. The description and cat behaviour of each of the essences is provided alongside pendulum commands to use for emotional healing for your cat.

The book also provides energy healing grids and information about the use of crystal healing as well as descriptions of how to use the pendulum for clearing and healng chakras with detailed dowsing charts.

The Cat Energy Healing Boxset for Happy Cats - Coming Soon

Melissa Tessaro and Caroline Thomas have created a beautiful 98 divination card deck to go with the two books listed above to make it easy to dowse either for yourself or your cat.

Inside the deck:

Full set of Bach Flower Cards for water imprinting

Full set of Meridian pendulum charts for correcting energy flow

14 Cat Psychology pendulum healing chart cards including:

  • Signs of hormone imbalance

  • Cat stress

  • Dowsing Cat psychology chart

  • Products to avoid in cat foods

  • Cat weight chart

  • Dowsing supplements

  • Chronic disease in cats

  • Meaning of Meow

  • Eye issues

  • Cat's coat health

  • Why does my cat do that?

  • Dowse your cat's auric field

Pendulum Dowsing charts in the deck include:

Ready for dowsing chart

  • Negative stress

  • Dowsing an outcome timings

  • Is it safe to dowse?

  • Energy behind a course of action

  • Symptom or root cause?

  • What are you connecting to?

  • Emotional response

  • Which level of reality are you connected to?

  • Sending energy back

  • Health and vitality levels

  • Emotional energy healing

  • Elements of magic

  • Dowsing supplements

  • Energetically beneficial

Melissa Tessaro - The Art of Divination - Pendulum Healing

Melissa Tessaro has been teaching pendulum healing for 4 years and runs an online indepth course covering the art of dowsing and pendulum healing as a vibrational healing modality.

She has written 10 books on pendulum healing and dowsing including:

  • The Art of Dowsing and Healing

  • The Pendulum Healing & Dowsing Workbook

  • The Art of Manifesting

  • Dowsing the Wisdom of your Soul

  • The Mystical Universe Channelled messages

  • Pendulum Mastery

  • The Flower Divination Book and Deck

  • Dowsing Creative Magic

  • The Book of Charts & Dowsing the Diet Chart Set

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