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Reiki Healing for Animals

What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced Reiki, is Japanese for universal life energy. Reiki is a hands on, hands off or distance healing technique which rebalances the energy flow through the body. “Rei” means “spirit” and “Ki” means “energy” so literally the word “Reiki” translates to “Spiritual energy”.

Every living organism, including, of course, animals, is surrounded by a life force or energy field. Reiki practitioners are able to access this force and use it for healing, clearing blockages within the body and re-aligning the body's energy, restoring balance and harmony.

Reiki energy is transmitted through the palms of the hands of a qualified Reiki Master, on or near the recipient, to rebalance the body and mind. When working with animals, Caroline lets the animal choose their own healing, preferring 'hands off' until the animal initiates 'hands on' Reiki. An animal will often instinctively push their body towards a practitioner’s hands where they have a health issue, suggesting that they may understand its potential benefits!

Reiki for Animals is powerful, gentle, non-invasive and completely safe. 


Why use Reiki with animals?

Reiki can effectively address the problems an animal may face whether physical, mental or emotional. It’s not a magical cure and is not an alternative to orthodox veterinary care, but it is a natural, calming, enjoyable therapy that promotes supports the body’s natural process of self-healing.

When receiving a Reiki treatment animal commonly enter a state of deep relaxation and peace. They may sigh, yawn, doze, fall asleep or enter a deep state of meditation. Most animals notice health improvements.

Reiki always works for an animal’s highest good depending on the situation and the animal. One session may be all that is required, or a number of sessions may be necessary. Every animal is a unique individual and so natural variances will apply.

Some of the issues Reiki for Animals can help with:

  • Animals can have difficulty making sense of the human world and our lifestyles, technologies around them or environments. We live in a fast pace world that can be confusing to them. For highly strung or nervous animals, Reiki induces deep relaxation and, over time, can reduce the tendency towards nervousness. It’s an excellent treatment option for highly strung, nervous dogs.

  • Reiki can help with the aches and pains that frequently emerge for animals as they age, as well as mental health and emotional issues, both of which can trigger behavioral concerns.

  • Reiki can also help healing following an illness or injury.

  • For a dying animal and its people, animal Reiki can provide compassionate support to make the transition more peaceful for the animal and human(s) involved.

Caroline Thomas is a Reiki Master and teach. teaching Level 1 and Level 2. She is also working with the British Reiki Association on their animal code, which will include animal behaviour for cats, dogs and horses.

The duration of a Reiki treatment varies by situation. Most commonly hands-on treatments last around 45 minutes, this is dependent on the animal choosing hands on Reiki. Distance treatments are shorter.

A Hoof and Paw Reiki for Animals consultation can be given in person at your home, in a vet clinic or elsewhere, as well as distantly.

Reiki for Animals Courses

Caroline has studied Reiki to Master Level, and has been teaching Animal Reiki for close to a decade. She offers in person Animal Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

These take place over a weekend. While public group courses are scheduled from time to time, at this time courses are run by appointment only. On completion you will receive an in depth manual and a beautiful certificate. 

Level 1 (Shoden) Reiki Course

In this fully insurable course you will learn:

  • ​Animal behaviours of cats, dogs and horses

  • The system of Reiki

  • How to offer animal reiki to your pet

  • The Precepts for animals and humans

  • The 3 diamonds

  • How to offer Reiki to your animal

  • 3 Japanese meditation techniques

  • How to offer Reiki to a human

  • ​4 Reiju's

  • Self healing

​Shoden is about 'being' Reiki and not 'doing' Reiki to your animal, it teaches you the importance of self healing and how to use the meditation techniques and their benefits. When you come from a place of being grounded it allows the animal to be in control of their own healing.

Level 2 (Okuden) Reiki Course

Learn Animal Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) Ideally, you will have learnt level 1 with Caroline before doing this course. It is important to understand the system of Reiki and to already be familiar with the meditations that are learnt in Level 1.

Level 2 will deepen your understanding of the system of reiki with your animal and how to connect to your animal on all levels.

  • Learn distant healing for your animal

  • Deepen your understanding of the 3 diamonds

  • Lean 3 Mantras

  • Learn the symbols and their relationship to the precepts

  • Deepen your meditation techniques with your animal

  • Deepen your understanding of animal reiki and the vet laws

  • Send Distant Healing

This course is fully insurable, and you will receive an in-depth manual and certificate.

Private group courses can also be organised. Please contact Caroline to discuss your needs.

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