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Holistic Healing for animals, big and small.

Animals have emoti​ons just like people.

Hoof and Paw Holistic Healing for Animals are experts in emotional healing for animals. We provide holistic animal therapy services, products and education courses to help your animals be their happiest, healthiest selves.

We love our animals. We call them pets, animal companions, four-legged friends and even fur babies! But the reality is, they are still animals.

They have natural instincts and behaviours. They can have past trauma that is affecting them. We are asking them to live side by side with us in a modern, human world. And sometimes they need a little help.

Animals can feel anxious, irritable or fearful, for any number of reasons. To help calm them and feel at ease with  and in their environment, we can use various products and techniques such as Flower Essences, Bach Essences, Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Frequency Healing and other holistic, complementary healing modalities to support them in being their happiest and healthiest selves as our companions.  

All  remedies and therapies we offer are natural and safe,  do not interact negatively with any medication, and do not cause side effects to your pets.

Everything we do is also designed to be complementary to standard veterinary services - not to replace it. We work closely with our clients'  vets whenever possible, and our Hoof and Paw Academy Practitioner courses focus heavily on working alongside vets. 

Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies is owned and operated by holistic animal healing expert Caroline Thomas, and is based in Chelmsford in the United Kingdom.

Caroline is a qualified and fully insured Animal Bach Flower Practitioner and a fully qualified Animal PsychAromatica practitioner (Animal Aromatherapy).

With more than 10 years of working with animals of all kinds around the world, Caroline is truly passionate about helping animals. She works closely with you, the owner, and ensures that your usual vet is made aware of any holistic treatment. 

Hoof and P​aw Emotional Healing For Animals UK

“Caroline over the last couple of years has made rhythm beads and healing pendants for my horses. These have been made with much love and integrity. After losing my beloved old horse I asked Caroline to make me a healing pendant for a rescue horse that I have taken on. Not only did she do so, but she also made up essences for her. For which Sammy and I couldn't thank her enough for. I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline for any of her services as she truly works from the heart.”

- Christine Adams

“Caroline is an amazing lady. I work for an animal rescue centre and we have a dog there (Charley) who suffers from seizures when she gets anxious about anything, Caroline did us a telephone consult and made us up some flower remedy and essential oils for her. Charley had been in a bit of a decline as you can imagine she is in a very noisy stressful enviroment. Although its early days the result of giving her the remedies is very encouraging Charley now manages walks and is much less anxious about the other dogs,goats pigs and ponies she encounters and also seems to be happier in her kennel, previously just getting her back to the kennel could trigger a seizure. Caroline offers a very professional service and is a lovely caring person. Charley and I couldn't be more pleased with the results”

- Ann George

Caring for Your Pets the Way​ You Do

If you love your animals, you will love Hoof and Paw. We offerAnimal Reiki,Bach/Bailey Flowers and Crystal Healingto provide emotional healing for your animal companions. There is a variety of holistic therapies to choose from. We're sure you'll be happy working with us!

Hoof and Paw Learning Academy

We have a selection of fully insurable courses, which are part of the Hoof and Paw Academy. The courses consist of seven modules, with eighteen months to complete them. The courses are written to a very high standard and are supported fully by Caroline.

Caroline's animal courses are now accredited with the Crystal Therapy Council and also the BAFEP. These are the only animal courses in the UK to have reached this very high standard.

On the Academy page you'll also find the details of graduates from the Hoof and Paw Academy. These full insured Practitioners are now experts in their field. These are truly amazing people with a deep love of animals and will go out of their way to find the solution that your animal needs.

Happy Hoof and Paw Clients and Customers

“Caroline is an amazing soul that seems to be very in tune with both human and animal emotional needs and has helped me immensely with broken sleep and areas.”

- Tamara Hamovic

“Caroline helped my cat who was spraying in the house, this caused a lot of stress for everybody and now the cat is really happy and now we're really happy with Caroline's work. She is truly amazing in what she does.”

- Megan Lilly

“I recently bought Caroline's wonderful manual Crystal Healing for Cats. Caroline wrote this herself and her passion and enthusiasm is very obvious throughout! The information is laid out really well and it is very easy to read and thus understand. The contents of this wonderful manual include: Behaviour; Crystal Properties; Crystals Grids for cats; Crystal Recipes and much more! Although the contents were not new to me, it is lovely to have the information in one manual and nicely presented. Caroline obviously knows her "stuff" well and it shows throughout the manual. Well worth a buy!”

- Karen Tritton

“Such an amazing website, I come here often for inspiration and animal healing knowledge. Your love of animals is clear to see. Thank you for helping all of those Rescue animals out there.”

- Siobhan O’Connor

Crystal Healing for Cats

Caroline's book  Crystal Healing 4 Cats was written with love, for those of you who want to use crystals but just do not know where to start. It is in full colour and takes you step by step through the journey of Crystal Healing. Cats adore crystals and will often seek them out when they are not feeling well. Crystals are safe when used correctly and help to raise the vibrational energy of your cat. They can be made up into elixirs or grids and programmed to deal with the most difficult healing problems. The book is available on Amazon and is cat specific, here is the link. Always seek out your vet in the first instance if your cat is feeling unwell.

We write a semi-regular newsletter which is filled with updates, holistic healing tips , stories and case studies. 

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