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Improve your loveable pet animal’s health and overall well-being with help from Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies in Chelmsford, Essex. We provide Animal Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Bach Flowers for Animals and other services that are designed to keep your animal in great condition.

Animal Bach​ Flo​wers

Bach Flower remedies are specially formulated to help animals and people in finding the positive side of themselves, and in breaking barriers that stop them from living happy lives. Whatever is in their way, may it be fear, despondency or uncertainty, there is a solution in the Bach Flowers.

Hoof and Paw Academy

High quality education has always been very important to Caroline and that is why she had chosen the best teachers on her animal journey. That's why she has created 2 fully insurable courses designed to take someone to Practitioner level for Bach Flowers and Crystal Healing for Animals.

Crystal Healing for Animals

Crystal therapy is an energy-healing therapy that works with an animal's subtle energy field to help address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems. Crystal therapy does not involve any pressure. Animals choose how they want to be healed by choosing their own crystal healing treatment.

Reiki for Animals

Reiki can address problems an animal may face whether physical, mental or emotional. It’s not a magic cure and not an alternative to veterinary care, but it is a natural, calming, enjoyable therapy that supports the process of self-healing.

Flower Essence Consultations

Caroline is able to offer a Flower Essence Consultation using a range of Flower Essences from all over the world: Alaskan, Australian, Bailey, Bach and her own ranges - Scintilla, and Dingle Essences. 

Online Store

Our online shop includes easy booking for Hoof and Paw Academy courses,  as well as gifts, essences and more for your beloved animals.

Healy for Animals

All things have a frequency - including our bodies!

For animals and people alike, our tissues, cells, organs, emotions and thought patterns all have their own unique electro-magnetic fields. When the body's frequency is too high or too low, disease and illness can arise. Healy Bioenergetic Therapy for Animals is a delivered via a distance healing session  and will assist in restoring your animal's equilibrium

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