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Bach Flowers for Animals Practitioner Course


The Bach Flower Animal Practitioner Online Self-Study Course is for students who wish to gain full Insurance via Balens Insurance Company so they can work with clients and vets on a professional footing as a Bach Flower Animal Practitioner.


The course is accredited by the British Association of Flower Essence Producers as a practitioner course and successful completion entitles the student to get full insurance from Balens. There is no physiology and anatomy content in this course.


This course brings together a mixture of animal behaviour, theory and practical case studies. It is structured so that there are plenty of opportunities for students to learn how to use Flower Essences practically in treating animals that have emotional problems.

This is a self-paced study at home course (with the exception of the 1:1 Assessment Day, which can be completed face to face in one day, or in 2or 3 online sessions) Comprehensive recommended reading lists are provided.

Stage 1

The course is divided into 7 modules. Students are required to demonstrate they understand the content of each module by answering questions in writing. Answers will need to demonstrate a detailed assessment of your understanding. Each module needs to be successfully completed and assessed before moving onto the next one.


  • The Vet Laws

  • Working with Vets

  • Health and Safety

  • Storage of Confidential Information GDPR

  • Understanding of the Bach Flowers

  • The Tree of Animal Behaviours

  • How to run a consultation in person and via skype

  • The Hoof and Paw Code of Ethics

  • How to approach each module, with the best possible outcomes

  • Animal Act 2006

  • How to make a flower essence

  • Learn about each flower essence in relation to animal behaviour

  • Learn the subtle differences between some flower essences

  • How to interact with the owner of the animal

  • Learn about Dr Bach and what his thought process was

  • Distant healing with flower essences

  • Early abrupt weaning

  • How to use flower essences

  • Grief and Bach Flowers

  • Bach Flowers and Rescue animals

  • The vibration of flower essences

  • How to use a pendulum

  • Doctrine of signatures

  • How to run a Flower essence consultation

  • The mirror effect

  • The Perfect melody

  • Dogs with Autism

  • Do Bach Flowers help physical problems?

  • The soul and Bach Flowers

  • Health and safety when working with animals

  • Understanding the vet law

  • How to write a letter to a vet

  • Your 6 indepth case studys and the requirements

  • Working as a professional Bach Flower Animal Therapist

  • Animals are what they eat

Stage 2

Students will complete six in depth case studies and then be able to obtain temporary insurance cover from Balens. The first case study will need written consent from the chosen client's vet. This will need to be submitted together with the other five case studies using consultation form templates that will be provided.

In each case students will explain the following:

  • How you went about handling the case from the time you met the client​

  • The emotional/behavioural problems exhibited by the animal

  • Any special issues which may be relevant to the actual consultation

  • Which Bach Flower Essences you selected and why

  • Where appropriate, explain why you would seek additional professional assistance.

On successful completion of the six in depth case studies and seven modules you will qualify as a fully insurable Bach Flower Animal Practitioner. Your certificate will be posted or emailed to you, so you can submit it to Balens to obtain your insurance.


This is an online course, so you will be able to study at home or on the go.

The cost of the online course is £444.

You will have all the support you need from Caroline Thomas via email.


We believe comprehensive, holistic assessment of students is key to delivering a high quality course and achieving the best possible learning outcomes for our students. Caroline Thomas will personally mark and assess all of your coursework, and provide feedback to help you become a successful, professional practitioner.

Assessing the student in person allows the teacher to gain crucial evidence that the student has reached the high standard necessary to qualify as a Bach Flower Animal Practitioner. This course is fully Accredited by the British Association of Flower Essence Producers.


A face to face 1:1 assessment day is usually a strict requirement of completing this course, but because of the COVID19 situation, you can now complete your live assessment online with Caroline over 2or 3 online sessions!

The exact timing, etc will be confirmed in consultation with Caroline during your study period.

A face to face assessment day is preferred for those able travel to Chelmsford for this, but we are also very pleased to be able to provide this alternative option.

A date will be arranged which will be suitable to the student and Caroline Thomas. The assessment day will take place at Caroline Thomas’s home, in a suitable venue, should there be more than one student, or online, at a cost of £111.00 per student .

The one to one assessment day, will cover 6 hours of personal tuition (9am – 3pm)


There is a course completion deadline of 18 months. However, if it is your serious intention to treat animals with Bach Flowers then the sooner you become qualified the better.

One of the objectives in offering the course is to encourage practitioners to attain a recognisable uniform standard of animal knowledge which will help veterinary surgeons refer on cases to practitioners with knowledge and confidence. At Hoof and Paw we aim to offer a high quality course at an affordable price.


A certificate of attendance will be given after student has reached the standard necessary, to receive full insurance via Balens.


New research on the theory of animal behaviour is being published all of the time. In order for animal practitioners to keep up to date as well as to afford them the opportunity to share their experiences, please contact Caroline, if you would be interested in CPD.

Once your application form and your payment have both been received, we will be in touch about accessing your course materials and everything else you need to know!


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