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Aromatherapy oils an life!

I have just come back from a magical week in the Cotswolds, where I was able to complete my Continual Professional Development as part of being a qualified Animal PsychAromatica Practitioner. Yes! I qualified in April.... Yay! It is a qualification that I am very proud of, due to the hard work and length of time it took me. It has been a course which has been a journey about aromatherapy oils but it has also been a journey of discovery about myself. I am not the same nervous person who started on this course, I am now someone who is more confident and self assured.

CPD always sounds so boring and as a Senior Pharmacy Technician I have to say that it is but re-visiting my Animal Aromatherapy Course was a whole different matter.

I arrived at the same location I had been at two years before; Withybed Farm, which I have to say was in the middle of the deepest part of the Cotswolds, the sun was shining, and the energy of the farm was pure and loving, it brought back every happy memory that I had from my last visit, of which there were many.

I met up with Nayana, my wonderful tutor and Pauhla her assistant and spent the next week immersed in aromatherapy oils. The first time I had attended this course I had been very un-confident in my abilities. This time I was different, I had grown as a person as well as in knowledge over my two years of studying Animal PsychAromatica.This course had been a journey of the animals teaching me to be the best I can be and also having a tutor who truly believed in me. Courses are to gain knowledge but this course was for my soul too.

Being a returning student, it allowed me to sit back, enjoy, not worry, concentrating on issues that I needed further clearer guidance. Most of all I just loved arriving at class each day and smelling the beautiful aroma's that filled the room. It was such fun, listening to Nayana and being surrounded by animals and other students. I was also very fortunate to be there when Nayana Received the first printed copies of her first book, direct from the printers. It was so exciting, we had our very own book launch where we all purchased our very own signed copy. The book is amazing and is so beautifully written. I would recommend it for any budding aromatherapist who loves animals. I feel very blessed to have been there at this very important time in Nayana's life

Offering the oils to the animals, I was able to see in great depth and understand the subtle response's of what the animal was trying to say to me. I loved Nayana's connection to the animals and the way her energy was very calming and grounding, to a point of almost being hypnotic. I learnt so much about myself as I watched her interact with the animals, letting them guide her as both their energies connected.

When the final part of the workshop came, I realised that something very spiritual had happened over that week. My energy had shifted yet again, where I was able to leave behind in the beautiful Cotswolds a part of me which had been holding me back. I am ready to be the person I was meant to be and I am LOVING it.

For more information on how to be an Animal PsychAromatica Practitioner contact Nayana on


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