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Healing my family

Armed with Flower essences, Wild Potatoe Bush, Impatiens and Honeysuckle and with the intention to do Reiki, I felt that the weekend should be one of healing. I was travelling to Ireland to be with, ‘heal’ my family. My father although making huge steps forward, is still unable to come home from the nursing home. He was feeling frustrated and angry that he could not come home. It has caused much stress and sadness to everyone concerned.


Entering the care home, I saw him sitting in the chair, looking deflated and down. I sat next to him and held his hand; it is heart breaking to see your parent so vulnerable. My sister had come with me to visit him. He was incredibly depressed and angry at the situation. I put the Flower Essence Remedy into his tea and offered Reiki; each and every part of his body drew on the Reiki energy. We sat for 3 hours in the Reiki space. It was a bit like a black comedy, as I did not notice that my father had slid right down the chair as he was so relaxed and was horizontal to the floor. Five nurses rushed into the room, to get him sitting back up. They were very perturbed as to how this could have happened but I secretly had to smile.


The next day that I went to visit him, they had taken the cushion off him as they thought he had slid off the cushion. I had to explain that I had given him, Reiki before they would give him the cushion back. What is Reiki, they did ask! I noticed that he was more lucid and was very chatty, to a point, where he was plotting his escape from the home. The problem with my dad is that his mind has not connected to his legs, so he cannot walk consistently and my mum who at 89 cannot look after him any more.


During this visit, my twin sister who owns a dairy farm said that one of her cows was poorly and suffering from meningitis. On the Sunday before we went to visit our dad, I popped over to her farm. Chilli the cow was brought in and I told everyone to leave me, while I offered Reiki to her. It was really strange, that from never working with a cow, I had worked with two other cows before travelling to Ireland. This had given me confidence but it had also showed me the ‘spiritual’ side of cows. I stood about a foot away from Chilli; I could see that she was nervous of my company, as we had never met. I created a Reiki space for her and she became deeper and deeper relaxed. The next thing that happened completely knocked me off guard. Another cow came from nowhere and ripped the door off the barn and barged her way into where I was offering Reiki. Stunned, I ran over to my sister’s house, where her husband was able to rectify things. Now, that everything was settled I went back to the barn and now I was offering Reiki to two cows! As Chilli became more relaxed with the Reiki, she placed her head in my hands and I became engulfed in a wave of sadness. I was completely overwhelmed and held back my tears. Her grief of giving up her calves each year was evident. The other cow placed her head on Chilli’s back and the three of us just stood quietly in the Reiki space. I never hold onto the ‘outcome’ of what should happen but I felt so blessed that Chilli was able to trust and share with me. I learnt a huge lesson on the value of ‘being’ and listening. No judgement, no ego just being able to hold the Reiki space for Chilli.


I had also been able to spend Mother’s day with my mum, who is remarkable, my first mother’s day in over 25 years. My three sisters stayed over and we were able to share stories and in honesty we were able to laugh and be carefree for the few hours we spent together. I have another sister, who was on Holiday but feel so fortunate that we have all been able to pull together. One of us stays with our mum 24/7 and then another one of us visits our father every day in the Care Home. It is a huge commitment and our husbands and family are very accommodating to allow us to do this. Luckily we are a big family.


Whilst at the Care Home, one of the residents said “You are great to visit your father every day”. My twin sister said, “Why would we not, he was the best dad ever”. I feel very proud of my sisters, that we have all pulled together and are all moving in the same direction. We see our parents not as a burden but we are grateful that we can now pay them back for everything they have done for us.


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