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Jack the Goat

As an Animal Reiki healer, I cannot claim to have any special gifts, incites or profesies about the beautiful animals that I work with. Although in my honesty I do get a little bit wishful that I was gifted with more but isn't that the human reaction to many things in life? When you follow the Reiki path, you begin to learn a lot about yourself and grow to understand the person you really are.

My gift is 'healing' which I have to say is a VERY important gift, even though at times I have felt like a bit of a Psychic Potato. I have always been honest in my experiences and through my Reiki journey I have learnt to 'just' be, to let the animals take what ever Reiki they need, make no judgments and most importantly have no ego.

I always have amazing experiences, when I offer Reiki to the animals but something happened to me yesterday, which was so amazing that I felt I just had to 'Blog' about it. Whilst at Remus, with my friend Alison we offered Reiki to the Ruby, Star, Tango and Peggy who are horses with Laminitis, Laddie and Bella who are the donkey's who have lost a lot of their trust in the human race, due to abuse and then to Jack the goat who had recently lost his mate Aries. He is a goat who stays well clear of human contact.

All of the other animals let us into their space to either offer Reiki from a distance or to offer Reiki hands on. Jack stayed in the furthest part of the field. The sun was shining and we both sat on the grass, connected to Mother Earth offering Reiki to the animals in the surrounding fields. I have to say I felt deeply calm and very connected to nature. We sat there for about 20 minutes, which to passers by may have looked like we were sun bathing! Something told me to bring the the oil 'Violet Leaf' which comforts the heart, I only just decided to carry it with me before entering the field. We finished our Reiki and moved away to enter another field, which was at this point Jack came over to me. He let me touch him and tried to lick my hand, it was then that I offered him 'Violet leaf' mixed in sunflower oil. He licked it with great gusto out of my hand and when he had enough he moved on...... AMAZING!!

Somehow he had known that I had something that he needed, which would help heal his broken heart. I had not communicated anything to him but somehow Jack had known that I was able to help him. Jack had a deeper understanding of the whole situation, so much more than me!


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