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The Language of plants

If you take the time to 'smell the flowers' you will understand that the flowers of the world really do talk. They are secretly sharing with us their properties if we would only take the time to listen. While writing my book at the Bailey's flower essences, I have been fascinated with the photo's of the plant and the indications that they are used for. For example 'Firethorn' which has beautiful vibrant berries is used to balance the 'fire' energy of a person. If you look at the plant youcan easily see how the colourful berries are representative of the flames of a fire. Flame Azalea is representative of a smouldering fire  and is used to rekindle a persons life 'force' enegy. When you look at nature you can get blown away by its magic, its power and its gentleness all at the same time. Animals have always understood the language of plants but more and more are being deprived of the opportunity to select a plant/part of a plant that they may require. I have often watched my dogs expertly select the exact part  of a nettle that they need, even though the nettle may stng them. They just know instictively what the properties are. I have seen them strip the leaves off my dalia plants and I do not even know what properties the leaves may have but I just know there must be something that my dogs need. 

As I am a classically trained Bach Flower Practitioner here are a few of the Bach flowers, with a simple interpretation of how I understand the language of plants  which makes sense to me. Bach’s Impatiens flower remedy treats impatience and irritability that is reflected in the shooting explosions of seeds from the plant, when the pod is ripe. This plant also grows rapidly compared to most plants. Oak flower remedy is for responsible people who struggle on, supporting others and working hard even when their energy levels are exhausted. In parallel the mighty oak tree, stands strong in the forest supporting the wildlife After a storm, when many trees have toppled over, you will see the middle of the tree completely sparse and rotten. Although it offered so much to many, it was unable to care for itself. Aspen the essence for fear of the unknown by looking at the tree you can see how the leaves tremble in the wind. Clematis the essence for the daydreamer grows sprawling out in any direction until it has no way of supporting itself. Gangly it dreams of reaching the sun. The Water Violet will only grow in the purest ditches and ponds. It cannot abide competition and likes the space to spread. This essence is for those who prefer their own company, giving them an almost aloof quality. The Larch tree grows very tall, and larch flower remedy helps you to stand tall and strong so you can grasp new elevations. The Wild Rose represents a signature of abundance and development, liberty and magnificence. It proves that once stuck amongst the thorns, by clearing a path for the flower to grow you can move forward in your personal growth with a desire to make a better living. Mimulus is an essence for shyness, as well as known fears. It is a beautiful yellow flower that grows along the river banks. The energy of the colour yellow gives confidence; it is the colour associated with the Solar Plexus, which is ‘our power’ ‘our control’ of life. It screams out ‘here I am’.It brightens the way, helping us to let go of any fears we may have.



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